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May 26, 2020

Pizza. Perhaps, this is the only thing that most Canadians can agree on- at least when it comes to how tasty it can be. But what most of them don’t agree on is what to put on top of it.  Therefore, the big question is; what are the go-to toppings that most people prefer?

According to recent research, the most popular pizza toppings in the world might surprise you. Before you check out the entire list, you might want to know the most popular pizza topping in Canada. Well, Cheese leads the way in the country followed by Pepperoni.

In fact, almost 55% of people who place a pizza order in any pizza restaurant just need good old cheese pizza.  Here is a comprehensive look at some of the other popular pizza toppings in the country.


Did you know that more than half of all pizzas ordered in Canada have a pepperoni topping?  This spicy sausage is so delicious, and it is rated as a favorite pizza topper by at least 55% of Canadians.

You don’t even have to put it in the oven to make it taste great. You will love the juicy sensation of the meat inside your mouth. However, some people don’t like it since they think that it is “too spicy” which isn’t the case at all.


The obvious reason why people love cheese toppings is that it is not only delicious but also nutritious. In fact, if you are going to add anything to your pizza, the first thing that will come to your mind will be cheese.

Almost 80% of the pizza that you order in any pizza restaurant Laval outlet will most likely have cheese toppings. Cheese is rich in nutrients, and you can tell that it’s a good pizza when the cheese toppings smoothly stretch whenever you take a bite out of it.


We all love tomatoes, and we know how delicious and nutritious they are. This is one of the top reasons why some people will prefer tomato toppings on their pizza.  If you haven’t tasted a slice of pizza with tomato toppings, step out now, find local food trucks near you and order one today.

You will experience the difference and maybe become a top fan of tomato toppings right away. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene which is a powerful antioxidant and also contains high vitamin C content. The tomato toppings are also juicy and taste great.


Looking for something that is vibrant and tasty? You got to enjoy the spinach topping which is loved by approximately 20% of Canadians. Just walk around, and you will identify various pizzerias that offer pizza with spinach toppings.  You can complement the spinach with eggs to form an exciting combo.


We love to put onions in and on almost every meal that we prepare, and pizza is no different.  The most significant advantage of using onion topping is that it adds the right amount of bitterness and crunch to your crust and makes you feel good. Some people also prefer onions to other toppings because of the unique texture that they provide.


Mushrooms will always be the favorite pizza topping for many people out there, and you can’t persuade them otherwise. You can go ahead and try it out to experience the difference. Some people tend to think that mushrooms are simply slimy and provide a weird texture.

Well, the truth is that this is the reason why some people love them to the core. They may be tough to chew, but they are still among the best pizza toppings in the world.

Molly Bella

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